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Thanks for visiting my page; I'm so glad you're here! I'm Tanya, and I'm delighted to share my adventures in foster care and surrogacy with you. I sincerely believe that we all make the world a better place in our own ways, and this is my personal way of leaving a positive footprint. It is my greatest hope that in leading by example, my children will learn the immense value in helping others.

Life is a journey... kindness matters... smile often... repeat.  



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October 9, 2018

The time is finally here! After getting matched with my awesome Intended Fathers (IF's) in late April/early May, we've spent the last several months getting to know each other and counting down the days until we could get this ball rolling. As the IF's are hoping for a...

September 9, 2018

After a whirlwind trip to Minnesota in July, August proved to be just as busy back in Oregon. It slid right into September, and here we are, 8 days in already!

We had a great 3+ weeks visiting family and friends in Winona. If all goes as I hope with this surrogacy journ...

July 6, 2018

It's been a full week here at the Berzinski house! Our four foster kiddos have moved on to another placement (we knew we would only have them for a short time since we are about to visit Minnesota for 3+ weeks) and it wasn't without tears that I said goodbye. In just u...

June 29, 2018

Hello hello and happy... almost July, is it? How is that even possible?? 😳

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and that’s not because I haven’t had interesting things to say, but simply because I have not had a moment to say them. Who can relate to that? 🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️...

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About Beautiful Heart


Beautiful Heart is about chasing dreams. Scratch that. It's about dreaming a little bigger and then
chasing THAT dream. I am a mom, wife, lover of animals, good books, sunshine & rainy days,
coffee anytime, and always, always looking for the silver lining.


Life is a journey... Kindness matters. Smile often.